Testimonials for Facilitation


Three-day outbound Team building and Mindfulness program. It was a merger of two startups, W3Monks and Moonpeak Digital in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. We explored the themes of mindfulness, listening skills,  authentic communication, gratitude, servant leadership and trust.

 Ambika’s authentic and generous spirit makes her an inspiring mindfulness trainer. She presents a world of information in a concise and accessible way. We met Ambika at a time when we needed this training the most in our organization. She was able to calmly create a space that felt safe enough for us to open up, learn and practice the skills that could help us through difficult emotions and unwanted doubts.
The structure of the course was excellent which made it suitable to all stages of development and different learning styles. Ambika brings practical hands on experience with passionate delivery to make it a very worthwhile. The way the hands on practice is integrated with the theory and supporting activities is awesome.
Also the setting for the training and the way our entire group “connected as a whole” over the retreat really helped to solidify the power of this practice. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to do this. I felt very humbled by the entire experience, and I’m grateful for it. Now that I have started seeing the changes in me and my team, I really believe that it was a great step forward to go with the program at right time.

 Sandeep Dhiman


W3Monks, Dharamshala, India 


One day Art of Prioritisation program. The team along with the directors prioritised all the assignments and tracked their time wasters, learnt to pause and be in the here and now.

Ambika facilitated a program on prioritisation and time management with us. It was extremely effective and gave us a solution to our everyday challenge of managing tasks and time. It was a customised solution for our company as per our needs. As a facilitator, she is very dedicated to her profession and cares deeply about her clients. She makes great strides during the design and delivery of the program and we have always been appreciative of the special way she interacts while giving a daily solution as well as motivational guideline to grow. 

Her experience has allowed us the opportunity to work in numerous directions leading to a broad knowledge base. She possesses the qualities needed to be an excellent facilitator and trainer. At the same time, she is a dedicated mentor, guide and an asset to this world.


Rajnish Dubey

Owner & Founder

Webtron Technologies

 Testimonials for Coaching


Initially my main objective is to improve communication and confidence. You are so approachable and your point of view for problem is unique. You have changed my perception of communication and confidence. During our sessions, I started seeing myself more objectively and became more aware about my self-limiting beliefs. I am really impressed by your concept of Creative solution and deep understanding of mindfulness. I have gained so much from our session that started living more peacefully without judging and ready to be my true companion. You are passionate and dedicated coach who understand the root cause of suffering and able to guide in any situation.
Again, thank you so much for your wisdom, patience and tough guidance!
Komal Gandhi
Automation consultant


Two years back I consulted Ambika for an immensely gruelling emotional situation that I was facing. I was finding it hard to even think of moving out of it. But Ambika created this space where I could share openly and express my fears and traumas and look at the situation differently. All she asked me to do was being truthful. It felt nearly impossible, but I did it and I am extremely grateful I did it. Last two years have been guilt-free and happy only because of one thing, speaking the truth! 

I strongly recommend her and wish her all the best in helping many more people like me.

Kapil Thakre

Branch Manager,

 Knowledge Planet, UAE

Ambika is my mentor/coach since last one year. A friendly, genuine, down-to-earth person. Anyone can connect with her easily. She has a knack of understanding people and bring out pain points. When ever I get stuck in life whether it's personal or professional, I consult her. She is very approachable and you can absolutely share anything with her. One thing I learnt with her is to face the fear in the eyes and never give up. We have worked on confidence building and speaking effectively. She has also helped me grow in many different ways. Her spiritual depth and insights in business are a unique combination. Great coach. Thank you Ambika. I am fortunate to have you in my circle of life.

Pravin Wadkar


Enlighten Web, Pune

When I approached Ambika, I was extremely depressed and stuck. After the session, my life took a positive turn, I found what I wanted to do, my emotions stabilised and everything started moving. Essentially, Ambika made me believe in my dreams. Firstly, she heard me completely till I was empty, than gave me structured way to set my goals and focus on balancing my financial and emotional sides. She taught me to mindfully observe what’s happening, listen to my heart and than make an action plan. I have followed it till date and it has been miraculously successful attracting right people and resources. There is a magical element to her presence and hugs. Love you dear! :)

Pratibha Kulkarni

Yoga Trainer and Counsellor, Pune

In last four years, Ambika has been a pivotal point in my life, she is my go to person whenever I encounter a problem and than we find a way out. It’s amazing how she brings in a fresh perspective to any given situation. She has provided potent insights and some crazy ideas in life and my business. Every time we speak, my view of possibilities widen and I feel ready for the next move. She has a goal oriented and structured approach to deal with the most abstract problems which makes it easier to follow. I am grateful for her presence as a coach and as a friend. May universe shower you with immense grace, Ambika.

Sivaram Swamy Pillai


The New Shift, Pune

In last one year, I have consulted Ambika multiple times and found her to be a great consultant, support and a guide on my projects. Amusingly enough, I always nudge her that I have 25+ years experience almost as much as your age but I still find your insights relevant and useful. Ambika knows very well how to navigate through the clutter of ideas and guide to a solution. She has a very matured approach, listens very calmly, questions and gets me to think more clearly during the sessions. We have always had heart-to-heart conversations and shared deep areas of life. She has helped me see my patterns of behaviour in personal life as well as business and suggested appropriate ways to deal with them. I highly recommend her as a coach for business as well as personal issues. 

Sharang Pande 

Lawyer and Real Estate Consultant, 

Pande Associates, Pune

Ambika is an involved mentor, passionate learner and observant trainer. She is fully aware about her projects and bring individualistic shifts in attitude, thoughts or emotions while working with groups. She has an eye to details and is a perceptive healer. Her talents are most natural and in-build. 

Prarthana Sharma

Researcher, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Director, Aatma Prakash