At Shakti Mindfulness, we believe everyone is gifted with the Shakti- the power within. All one needs is a nurturing space which will bring it in action. Thus, we help individuals to harness this power to conquer their fears and achieve their goals.

Are you stressed and work is burning you out?

Do you want to improve your relationship with your spouse/children/colleague/boss? 

Are you struggling with setting goals and achieving them? 

Do you strive to find time to meditate?

If so, let’s chat


Peace in - Stress Out!

A perfect stress management program for executives, business owners and absolutely anyone who wants to be happy!

We all know meditation relieves stress but find it difficult to spare time to practice. But mindfulness techniques take only a few moments in your existing schedule and still has the same effect on your life! This program is spanned across 10 sessions to recognise stress causers, deeply listen to one’s body and practicing effective mindfulness tools to relieve stress. 

Life coaching stress management


Studies show that meditation relaxes your muscles resulting is total mind and body rejuvenation


With this one simple change in your resting schedule, you’ll see immediate results.


 By connecting thoughts from both your conscious and subconscious mind, Mindfulness


Effortlessly achieve laser-sharp focus and develop a goal-oriented mindset. In this state of mind, you can accomplish all your daily tasks in less time.


To date, 1,400+ studies confirm that meditation has a powerful impact on every aspect of a person, from lowering blood pressure, to strengthening the immune system. Mindful eating practices help gain/loose weight sustainably.

6. Effective Multi-Tasking

 "When I approached Ambika, I was extremely depressed and stuck. After the session, my life took a positive turn, I found what I wanted to do, my emotions stabilised and everything started moving. Essentially, Ambika made me believe in my dreams. Firstly, she heard me completely till I was empty, than gave me structured way to set my goals and focus on balancing my financial and emotional sides. She taught me to mindfully observe what’s happening, listen to my heart and than make an action plan. I have followed it till date and it has been miraculously successful attracting right people and resources. There is a magical element to her presence and hugs. Love you dear!" :)

- Pratibha Kulkarni, Yoga Trainer and Counsellor


Confidence Building

Are you facing domination in your relationships/office?

Do you struggle to speak confidently in a group or on stage?

Are you striving to find strength to achieve that one dream, starting a business or simply speaking truth?

Do you find it difficult to believe in yourself?

Confidence is nothing but the innate power or the shakti that we all have. In this program, we identify ways to harness this power and effectively use it to conquer our fears of say public speaking, taking a stand, lead, communicate honestly, pitching, presentation and even overcome suppression in workplaces and homes through mindfulness and other powerful techniques.

  • Gain confidence and learn to believe in yourself
  • Overcome nervousness and anxiety
  • Map your words and feelings to speak effectively
  • Speak assertively
  • Handling tele-phonic or online conversations with ease
  • Staying calm and relaxed during difficult conversations


"Ambika is my mentor/coach since last one year. A friendly, genuine, down-to-earth person. Anyone can connect with her easily. She has a knack of understanding people and bring out pain points. When ever I get stuck in life whether it's personal or professional, I consult her. She is very approachable and you can absolutely share anything with her. One thing I learnt with her is to face the fear in the eyes and never give up. We have worked on confidence building and speaking effectively. She has also helped me grow in many different ways. Her spiritual depth and insights in business are a unique combination. Great coach. Thank you Ambika. I am fortunate to have you in my circle of life."

- Pravin Wadkar, Founder, Enlighten Web


Goal Setting

Setting concrete goals, detailed action plan and a review system is a hallmark of successful life. Thus, our flagship goal-setting session help individuals to have a clear picture of what’s happening currently and than deciding and making a strategic plan to achieve one’s goals. We meet on regular intervals and coachees gain tools and techniques each time to think clearer, make their actions crisper and take them closer to the goal. Goals could be personal like health, relationship, confidence building and business like leading effectively, planning a business, synergistic partnerships etc.




In last four years, Ambika has been a pivotal point in my life, she is my go to person when I encounter a problem and than we find a way out. It’s amazing how she brings in a fresh perspective to any given situation. She has provided potent insights and some crazy ideas in life and in business. Every time we speak, my view of possibilities widen and I feel ready for the next move. She has a goal oriented and structured approach to deal with the most abstract problems which makes it easier to follow. I am grateful for her presence as a coach and as a friend. May universe shower you with immense grace, Ambika.

- Sivaram Swamy Pillai, Founder, The New Shift

Executive Coaching


A tailor made program for executives to deal with high level of stress, emotional pressure, performance issues, team communication and lead effectively. 

Below are few prominent changes that one can notice in an executive after undergoing the coaching program:

  • Better communication/listening 
  • Includes opinions of others in decision making
  • Builds trust with stakeholders 
  • Manages conflict efficiently
  • Delegates the work effectively 
  • Better execution of results
  • Takes calculated risks

Our business coaching services help to:

  • Align your purpose to your business
  • Understand the market nuances

  • Approach marketing and branding of your company- how the logo, colour theme, web-site, packaging should look like 

  • Design creative social media campaigns

  • Understanding whether to spend on certain marketing options

  • Get how online marketing works and can be leveraged







"In last one year, I have consulted Ambika multiple times and found her to be a great consultant, support and a guide on my projects. Amusingly enough, I always nudge her that I have 25+ years experience almost as much as her age but I still find her insights relevant and useful. Ambika knows very well how to navigate through the clutter of ideas and guide to a solution. She has a very matured approach, listens very calmly, questions and gets me to think more clearly during the sessions. We have always had heart-to-heart conversations and shared deep areas of life. She has helped me see my patterns of behaviour in personal life as well as business and suggested appropriate ways to deal with them. I highly recommend her as a coach for business as well as personal issues."

- Sharang Pande, Lawyer and Real Estate Consultant , Pande Associates


Three principles of our work

Less is More

Simple is effective

Slow is the real fast!