Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.
— Seth Godin

In course of my work in conscious branding, I realised most of the people in the health and wellness industry have a block of Technology and Marketing. They know they need it and there is no way out, still tend to resist dealing with it. And as the law of nature says, ‘what you resist, persists’.

With my work, I wish to clear these blocks and empower my clients to market themselves and create their own niche in the market. Because, the products usually are different in nature and require customers to ‘think’ before they make a choice. And the business owners know their customers better than anybody else ever will. Especially, with the growing social media boom, nothing works better than a business owner connecting to customers online and offline as frequently as possible. Also, trainings like these help owners to make wiser choices while recruiting people for advertising further.

Course Curriculum:

    •    Basics of Marketing
    ⁃    Build understanding about consumer insights in Indian context
    ⁃    Focus on recruiting, managing and leading sales teams
    •    Branding: Why? How? What and Where? and for whom? 
    •    Internet Marketing: Overview of different channels
    •    Highlight contemporary issues in digital marketing, CRM, and services marketing
    •    Social Media Marketing
    •    Focus on: Facebook and LinkedIn
    •    Email Marketing
    •    Display Digital Marketing

Two fast-track social media programs:

Facebook: Two-day Crash Course (Online or in person)

    •    Content on Page
    •    Getting likes
    •    Advertising

LinkedIn: Two-day Crash Course (Online or in person)

    •    Creating a killer profile
    •    Making meaningful connections and networking
    •    Creating a net worth of the network
    •    Creating a company page
    •    Effective Advertising
    •    The courses can be defined as per the requirement of the client.