The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.


In my life coaching sessions, I coach to harness the power of choice. Because every part of life is a consequence of the choice we made out of infinite possibilities that we had and thus, we can create the life we desire just with the power of choice and nothing else is ever required.

Individuals innately possess this power, the only thing I do is make them aware and encourage them to make that choice with powerful tools of Access Consciousness and many such other techniques.


Relationship Counselling

I specially coach for relationships, in couples, family and organisations. The sessions can be one-to-one or group, depending on the client. We bring clarity on existing situations so that the client can make a choice that will lead to a better relationship.


Career Counselling

This is another domain of choice. The career one chooses defines the individual in many ways.

This program is specially designed for students in their forming years to realise what career they should choose and How. Also, what is the potential of the career if chosen. A special program for parents and students to find the best suiting career.