Shakti or The Power. The power within. The power to fuel minds with healing and meditation. The force to drive a wave of consciousness in the masses. The pulsating energy of communication that can touch the souls. The power within to drive Change.

Change in Individuals. Change in Organisations. Change in Groups and Corporates.

Ambika Aruna Ganesh is a gifted intuitive healer and conscious branding professional who has devoted her life to create a wave of consciousness in the world. Her heightened awareness and deep intuitions along with insightful understanding of business and branding has led to her success in both the fields. She also empowers budding entrepreneurs with her media training. She is an influential leader and possesses a solid Hara, a unique ability to plan and execute effectively with teams. After facing a daunting health crisis at the age of 16, Ambika turned to alternative healing. After recovering she went to study media for 3 years and since then she has been on this journey of consciousness. Join her in this endeavour of making a difference through purposeful business and wholesome healing.

You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate it, it doesn’t matter.
— Steve Jobs

We often see people with great ideas or already doing good work, but nobody knows about it. Especially when the ideas are pertaining to spirituality, health and wellness, or personal growth, it becomes even more difficult due to their intangible nature. So, I believe the key lies in understanding people, the products, and being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice.

Conscious Branding is telling a compelling story ‘consciously’. It's tapping into the inner self of the customer. Making one realise he/she needs the healing or Yoga and eat organic for a healthy living. To bolster that we have soaring stress levels and increasing complexity of everyday life  which has made it even more important in our lives today. So, the opportunity is very much there. The only effort we need to make is, take a step forward and fly!

Stories matter. Do you think you bought that particular book because you had read it before? No! You bought it because you read the story behind it or a friend told you what is it about. Customers pretend to make a rational choice, be thoughtful and conscious, but in reality it’s only the story that they heard or watched and what it made them feel, that made the choice happen. So, all we need is to be confident that the product is great and can enhance people’s lives, and tell a compelling story why to buy it.

I have a two stage approach for this:

  • Take the product or service from Good to Great

  • Tell a compelling story how great it is



Strategy design for Brand Building, Brand Positioning, Marketing Communication consultancy, Product promotion services.

  • Identity Design: Brand Identity Design, Brand Architecture Design, Corporate Identity Program      Design, Signage Design: Logo, Web-site, In-store branding, Photography if required

  • Print Production: Brochures, Leaflets, Calendar, Annual Reports, etc. Packaging, Calendars,  Exhibition, Collaterals, POP, Annual Reports, Corporate Communication Material, Digital Presentations, Multimedia CDs.

  • Advertising:  Strategy design, Creative Design,and Buying Print and Outdoor media

  • Online solutions: Evolving solutions as per the evolving online media: Digital Media and Search  Marketing, Social Media Marketing :Facebook advertising

  • Public Relations: Media Relations and other stakeholder relations

  • Event Sponsorships and Media Management

  • Brand Promotions- Offers and other promotional activities

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Business Development

  • Fund-raising

Turning Gifts into Startups

Discover. Share. Change.

Inspired by the gifts that people are offering in the world, Murtaza Bootwala and Ambika initiated the ‘Giftonomics’ project. Murtaza always had a question as to what drives people to do what they are doing. He realised that there is a group of people on this planet who are not doing what they are doing for money, but because they have a passion of doing something larger than life and with a strong vision to create a difference on this planet through their work. This project enables anyone to know their gift, understand it in the material context and help collaborate with people and communities who are creating heaven on earth.

All these gifts are interconnected and we need all these gifts to create a better world ( And we have to do it together ) So lets respect all these gifts. The ‘Giftonomics’ project will enable more gifts to become a startup and enable each other to support people and communities with gifts.

The Giftonomics program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs in all the fields

  • People who want to start an NGO

  • People who wish to start a socio-commercial venture like Organic Food Shop, Yoga Center, Therapy, healing center, etc

  • People who want to change their profession to something more interesting and meaningful, can be anything like a dance studio or an art gallery

  • People who wish to contribute to the world, but do not know ‘How’

Three Stages

Discover your gift

—Share / express your gift

Change the world

Goal Setting:

‘A goal in writing is nothing but a dream with a deadline.’

It’s all about gaining clarity on what you really ARE and  what you really WANT and getting you there by calling out the self-limiting thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back.

In a goal setting session, you’ll learn how to engage your own strengths, and start to make purposeful decisions that actually support your big picture and thereby understanding the purpose of life.

When you are make unwise choices, that’s when it hurts, and you know when you are making an unwise choice because then you’ll feel that you are betraying yourself. But is this knowing this enough?

Not really, since most of us land up doing something that we think is just ordinary and can be achieved, nobody thinks that it is possible to do the impossible. Our limiting beliefs restrict us from being what we truly are. So, come on a journey with me to explore what you really are and what is your gift that can change into a business a startup and eventually change the world..

1. Discover your gift through:

  • Access Bars

  • DMIT

  • Graphology

  • The Journey

  • The passion test

  • Goal Mapping

  • Swaraj University

2. Share your gift:

  • Communication design

  • Campaign planning

  • Strategy design

  • Connecting with artists ( Film makers, photographers, Painters, storytellers, etc. )

  • Idea development

3. Change the world:

  • Business model design

  • Putting the idea into action

  • Using the philosophy of connectonomics


Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.
— Seth Godin

In course of my work in conscious branding, I realised most of the people in the health and wellness industry have a block of Technology and Marketing. They know they need it and there is no way out, still tend to resist dealing with it. And as the law of nature says, ‘what you resist, persists’.

With my work, I wish to clear these blocks and empower my clients to market themselves and create their own niche in the market. Because, the products usually are different in nature and require customers to ‘think’ before they make a choice. And the business owners know their customers better than anybody else ever will. Especially, with the growing social media boom, nothing works better than a business owner connecting to customers online and offline as frequently as possible. Also, trainings like these help owners to make wiser choices while recruiting people for advertising further.

Course Curriculum:

    •    Basics of Marketing
    ⁃    Build understanding about consumer insights in Indian context
    ⁃    Focus on recruiting, managing and leading sales teams
    •    Branding: Why? How? What and Where? and for whom? 
    •    Internet Marketing: Overview of different channels
    •    Highlight contemporary issues in digital marketing, CRM, and services marketing
    •    Social Media Marketing
    •    Focus on: Facebook and LinkedIn
    •    Email Marketing
    •    Display Digital Marketing

Two fast-track social media programs:

Facebook: Two-day Crash Course (Online or in person)

    •    Content on Page
    •    Getting likes
    •    Advertising

LinkedIn: Two-day Crash Course (Online or in person)

    •    Creating a killer profile
    •    Making meaningful connections and networking
    •    Creating a net worth of the network
    •    Creating a company page
    •    Effective Advertising
    •    The courses can be defined as per the requirement of the client.

Are you ready for the world’s best head massage? Or do you wish to liberate yourself from the restrictions that are holding you back from being YOU?

When was the last time someone talked to you without judgement and made you feel loved and cared for? And last time you slept without any worries or thinking you have to get up?

I do something called the ‘Access Bars’. It is two hour healing session in after which you’ll feel joyous, happy, liberated and fulfilled. I couple it with my intuitive counselling without judging you with the world views, and give you clarity on whatever issues you come up with. Most of the times, people tend to drop their problems just by sharing it with me. So, the magic is the clarity and peace you gain after the session.  

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

Along with bars, I also use Reiki and some other modalities to bring about a wholesome experience and give you tools to work on, to continue the peace on everyday basis.

These sessions can be used for:

  • Harmonious Relationships

  • Corporate Culture Betterment

  • Parent and Child Rapport

  • Resolving conflicts at work

  • Gaining clarity on arrange marriages

And for each one of us, who wish to live a happy life!

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.


In my life coaching sessions, I coach to harness the power of choice. Because every part of life is a consequence of the choice we made out of infinite possibilities that we had and thus, we can create the life we desire just with the power of choice and nothing else is ever required.

Individuals innately possess this power, the only thing I do is make them aware and encourage them to make that choice with powerful tools of Access Consciousness and many such other techniques.


Relationship Counselling

I specially coach for relationships, in couples, family and organisations. The sessions can be one-to-one or group, depending on the client. We bring clarity on existing situations so that the client can make a choice that will lead to a better relationship.


Career Counselling

This is another domain of choice. The career one chooses defines the individual in many ways.

This program is specially designed for students in their forming years to realise what career they should choose and How. Also, what is the potential of the career if chosen. A special program for parents and students to find the best suiting career.


The sessions can be one-to-one or group, or online (Skype or FaceTime).

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