Turning Gifts into Startups

Discover. Share. Change.

Inspired by the gifts that people are offering in the world, Murtaza Bootwala and Ambika initiated the ‘Giftonomics’ project. Murtaza always had a question as to what drives people to do what they are doing. He realised that there is a group of people on this planet who are not doing what they are doing for money, but because they have a passion of doing something larger than life and with a strong vision to create a difference on this planet through their work. This project enables anyone to know their gift, understand it in the material context and help collaborate with people and communities who are creating heaven on earth.

All these gifts are interconnected and we need all these gifts to create a better world ( And we have to do it together ) So lets respect all these gifts. The ‘Giftonomics’ project will enable more gifts to become a startup and enable each other to support people and communities with gifts.

The Giftonomics program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs in all the fields

  • People who want to start an NGO

  • People who wish to start a socio-commercial venture like Organic Food Shop, Yoga Center, Therapy, healing center, etc

  • People who want to change their profession to something more interesting and meaningful, can be anything like a dance studio or an art gallery

  • People who wish to contribute to the world, but do not know ‘How’

Three Stages

Discover your gift

—Share / express your gift

Change the world

Goal Setting:

‘A goal in writing is nothing but a dream with a deadline.’

It’s all about gaining clarity on what you really ARE and  what you really WANT and getting you there by calling out the self-limiting thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back.

In a goal setting session, you’ll learn how to engage your own strengths, and start to make purposeful decisions that actually support your big picture and thereby understanding the purpose of life.

When you are make unwise choices, that’s when it hurts, and you know when you are making an unwise choice because then you’ll feel that you are betraying yourself. But is this knowing this enough?

Not really, since most of us land up doing something that we think is just ordinary and can be achieved, nobody thinks that it is possible to do the impossible. Our limiting beliefs restrict us from being what we truly are. So, come on a journey with me to explore what you really are and what is your gift that can change into a business a startup and eventually change the world..

1. Discover your gift through:

  • Access Bars

  • DMIT

  • Graphology

  • The Journey

  • The passion test

  • Goal Mapping

  • Swaraj University

2. Share your gift:

  • Communication design

  • Campaign planning

  • Strategy design

  • Connecting with artists ( Film makers, photographers, Painters, storytellers, etc. )

  • Idea development

3. Change the world:

  • Business model design

  • Putting the idea into action

  • Using the philosophy of connectonomics