You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate it, it doesn’t matter.
— Steve Jobs

We often see people with great ideas or already doing good work, but nobody knows about it. Especially when the ideas are pertaining to spirituality, health and wellness, or personal growth, it becomes even more difficult due to their intangible nature. So, I believe the key lies in understanding people, the products, and being creative enough to make people stand up and take notice.

Conscious Branding is telling a compelling story ‘consciously’. It's tapping into the inner self of the customer. Making one realise he/she needs the healing or Yoga and eat organic for a healthy living. To bolster that we have soaring stress levels and increasing complexity of everyday life  which has made it even more important in our lives today. So, the opportunity is very much there. The only effort we need to make is, take a step forward and fly!

Stories matter. Do you think you bought that particular book because you had read it before? No! You bought it because you read the story behind it or a friend told you what is it about. Customers pretend to make a rational choice, be thoughtful and conscious, but in reality it’s only the story that they heard or watched and what it made them feel, that made the choice happen. So, all we need is to be confident that the product is great and can enhance people’s lives, and tell a compelling story why to buy it.

I have a two stage approach for this:

  • Take the product or service from Good to Great

  • Tell a compelling story how great it is



Strategy design for Brand Building, Brand Positioning, Marketing Communication consultancy, Product promotion services.

  • Identity Design: Brand Identity Design, Brand Architecture Design, Corporate Identity Program      Design, Signage Design: Logo, Web-site, In-store branding, Photography if required

  • Print Production: Brochures, Leaflets, Calendar, Annual Reports, etc. Packaging, Calendars,  Exhibition, Collaterals, POP, Annual Reports, Corporate Communication Material, Digital Presentations, Multimedia CDs.

  • Advertising:  Strategy design, Creative Design,and Buying Print and Outdoor media

  • Online solutions: Evolving solutions as per the evolving online media: Digital Media and Search  Marketing, Social Media Marketing :Facebook advertising

  • Public Relations: Media Relations and other stakeholder relations

  • Event Sponsorships and Media Management

  • Brand Promotions- Offers and other promotional activities

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Business Development

  • Fund-raising