Shakti or The Power. The power within. The power to fuel minds with healing and meditation. The force to drive a wave of consciousness in the masses. The pulsating energy of communication that can touch the souls. The power within to drive Change.

Change in Individuals. Change in Organisations. Change in Groups and Corporates.

Ambika Aruna Ganesh is a gifted intuitive healer and conscious branding professional who has devoted her life to create a wave of consciousness in the world. Her heightened awareness and deep intuitions along with insightful understanding of business and branding has led to her success in both the fields. She also empowers budding entrepreneurs with her media training. She is an influential leader and possesses a solid Hara, a unique ability to plan and execute effectively with teams. After facing a daunting health crisis at the age of 16, Ambika turned to alternative healing. After recovering she went to study media for 3 years and since then she has been on this journey of consciousness. Join her in this endeavour of making a difference through purposeful business and wholesome healing.